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Hello Visitors my name is Cecelia Renteria, CEO of C&C Associates Medical Billing. I have a family of five including myself and my husband and we have three beautiful children: Christopher, Zachary, Ariel. I pursued my dream working in mental health because my son Christopher was diagnosed with dyslexia and an expressive language disorder. Some people question whether this is a mental health issue. Our family can assure you, it is. Having a child with a learning disability has taught my family patience, as well as, the need to be advocates for mental health. I learned that my son was in need of more than what the public school system was offering him. It became important to seek out additional resources. Luckily we found an experienced teacher and a speech pathologist. This was impactful on our entire family. I also was working for one of the top rated Samaritan Centers located in Houston, Texas. This gave us the ability to receive the counseling needed to support our family. The need to help other health organizations especially those in the Behavioral Health field has become a passion. My hope is to be a part of your organizational family as well.

Cecelia Renteria, CEO

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We are here to work towards a better future for your practice. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate our services with your practice and help you succeed in the continuation of care for those in need of mental health services.


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